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So fresh she hasn’t even shaved herself yet!

Merry Christmas my friends! I hope all is well for everyone! For the few that still surf Asian cam sites on the big day, I have scheduled this post for you. By the time you are reading this I’m most likely hammered, full of roasted bird and trying to hide from everyone in the man-shed by now enjoying some peace lol I could just wait til the next day but meh, I’m dedicated! Ok.. truth be told I have so many blogs, forums and miscellaneous sites that it’s not even funny. I dedicate myself to bring the world the best women and stick to my personal schedule because when I first discovered sex cams, porn and whatnot, I was disgusted by most of the “mainstream” porn offerings so I set out on a mission to be your ‘filter’ and only show you the best!

Performer: Luei
newcommer that's so fresh she hasn't even been shaved yet

That’s all what brought me to loving live asian sluts fucking for pesos on cams! No session is ever the same. Ever pose, view and mood is different. There’s no better way to enjoy porn than to be the director telling these sexy babes what to do. Period. It’s especially fun when you get to play with a ‘newbie’. Sometimes they’re shy and just need a little bit of a “boyfriend/girlfriend experience” to set the tone and loosen (no pun intended) up these cute girls. Well this time I got to sample one so fresh that she hasn’t even shaved her pussy yet for the camera! Everyone, meet Luei. She’s going to set your palms on fire! Cute, robust and rocking tiny tits with rock-hard Asian nipples that will make you crave a bag of Nibs!

In many Asian cultures, natural pussy hair is quite normal and hardly even frowned upon. In fact, many of us western men don’t mind it “au naturel” one bit either! I mean, come on! Look at her nice playful fur burger and tell me you wouldn’t like to dig your pecker through to her tight and warm center of pleasure!

As with most of their up and cuming cam stars, Live Lust has portfolio galleries of the girls so that we may be acquainted with them all before we go hunting for the perfect Asian to fuck themselves and masturbate on cam for us. This works out perfect for me because I set time aside each night to do a session with a different girl and report back to you on them.

Well this fresh unshaven Asian pussy was unsurprisingly amazing! She loved exploring her tight hole for me and did everything on command as I asked. It took a few minutes for her to warm up but it was great. I’m not sure if she was Pinay or Thai but I am pretty sure it’s one of the two. She acted more “personal” so I believe she was Philippine pussy. regardless. The best part for me was when she mounted her own fingers and screamed out my name as she started to cum for me. Beautiful. Absolutely perfect evening for me :)

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